Why I’m bringing my writing home

I’ve been teetering on the brink of burnout for a few months now. I’ve been fighting it off with wine, anxiety and denial however the energy deficit I was in grew too large, and my…

Em Rusicano Rob Mills

Em Rusciano talks to Rob Mills

Episode 3 of Deeply Shallow has Em chatting with Australian Idol alumni Rob “Millsy” Mills. They cover off his sexuality, Paris Hilton’s vagina and the importance of reflecting on the good things in life. Prepare…

Waleed Aly gold Logie

Why Waleed Aly SHOULD win the Gold Logie

FOR some completely INEXPLICABLE reason, a column was released into the wild yesterday entitled “6 reasons Waleed Aly shouldn’t win the Gold Logie”. You see, Waleed Aly has been nominated for Aussie TV’s top honour….

Em Rusciano 640x380

What is wrong with men these days?

TO THE people raising the future men of the world: I’ve been forced to contact you, because the level of online douchery and quite frankly predatory behaviour aimed at young women, has this week hit an…