EM’S SINGLE: Versions of Me

Em’s debut single “Versions of Me” has been released and is tearing up the charts already. Co-written and produced by power duo MSquared it’s the pop anthem you’ve been waiting for. You can download it from wherever you get your music from! iTunes  Google Play Spotify    


The Em Rusciano Radio Show Sunday October 2nd – MENTAL HEALTH SPECIAL.

Hi guys, Em here. This week on the Radio Show/Podcast I wanted to do a mental health episode so I asked my pal and psychologist Dr Travis Kemp to join me for the whole show. Mental Health week is next week and I feel it’s important to continue having open, honest and robust conversations around mental health. To shine light …


The Em Rusciano Radio Show September 11th with Harley Breen

This week brilliant comedian Harley Breen returns to his September co-hosting duties with Em, together they’ll reveal how they went at the filming of their Just For Laughs special, we talk conspiracy theories after Michael Jackson supposedly appeared in the backseat of his daughter’s car, we take your calls on what your kids call their bits, plus chat the rental …


The Em Rusciano Radio Show September 4th with Harley Breen

This week stand-up comedian Harley Breen returns for a guest co-host gig that will last for the entire month of September, together we’ll talk Harley upsetting his pregnant girlfriend to get to a meeting with Em, Harley reads from the novel his 6 year old son created for him, we delve into the nerves Harley and Em are dealing with …

The Em Rusciano Radio Show August 28th with Amos Gill

This week, my co-host returning for their second time, is stand-up comedian and host of Hit107 Breakfast in Adelaide, Amos Gill, together we’ll talk about why blackface is never okay, we also take your calls on who should pay after a kid threw a basketball at Em’s daughter and knocked her mobile phone out of her hand, breaking it, plus …

The Em Rusciano Radio Show August 21st with Jamila Rizvi

This week news.com.au columnist Jamila Rizvi is back for her 2nd co-hosting, together we’ll take your calls on if you take nudes and why, the things you’ve seen parents do at kids sporting events, Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t win regardless of what he did when he recently offered $5 to a homeless person in front of cameras and Jamila introduces Em to …


Why I’m bringing my writing home

I’ve been teetering on the brink of burnout for a few months now. I’ve been fighting it off with wine, anxiety and denial however the energy deficit I was in grew too large, and my edges became too frayed, to hold together. Last Friday all the wheels feel off the rickety wagon, which resulted in me writing an overly emotional …

The em rusciano Radio Show Sunday August 14th with Anjali Rao

This week my special guest co-host is the Anjali Rao former CNN host, who also used to host Dateline on SBS and appears on Studio 10 and The Project, together we talked with you about the times dog poo ruined your life, the petty things that drive you mad, plus we chatted to people who were outed by others without …

The em rusciano radio show Sunday August 7th with Rob Mills

  This week my special co-host is former Australian Idol contestant and star of a stack of musicals, Rob Millsy Mills, together we’ll reveal how we met and how amazing Rob was at a low point in my life, plus we chat aborted plane landings, when is the right time to stop nuding up around the kids, when were you …

The em rusciano radio show Sunday July 31st with Harley Breen

This week my co-host is the hilarious Harley Breen and together we’ll delve into the new season of The Bachelor and ask when is the right time to drop the fact you’ve already got a kid, we find out about the time Em tried to pick Harley up, Em reveals how NOT to use gaffer tape in #GafferGate, we talk …

The em rusciano radio show Sunday July 24th with Amos Gill

Joining Em this week is stand-up comedian Amos Gill, he is the smartest person Em knows and the one she argues with the most. He is also a dead ringer for Jon Snow.. Em is  a big Game of Thrones fan, we’re not saying that she likes to stare at Amos for long periods of time but we’re not, not …

The em rusciano radio show Sunday July 17th with Zoe Marshall

This week Em is joined by lifestyle blogger and all round legend girl Zoe Marshall. This is a no boundaries, honest, vagina charged episode –  trust us! Wine may have been involved at some point.. Enjoy! Android listen here itunes listen here (make sure you subscribe while you’re over there, so you get each ep freshly delivered each week.)

The em rusciano radio show July 10th with Samuel Johnson

This week Em was joined by her pal Samuel Johnson, they talked about his cancer fighting adventures, his ability to communicate with snails on a sexual level and why he never wants to act again. Android listen here. iTunes here.

Em Rusciano podcast Michael Lucas

Em Rusciano chats with TV writer Michael Lucas

Em Rusciano’s best friend in the whole world also happens to be the heartless bastard who killed Dr Patrick off in the TV series Offspring. Yes, he wrote that scene. It was his idea. He is currently writing for Wentworth, in this preview you will hear his proudest moment as a writer. #FurryCup

Em Rusciano monty dimond

Em Rusciano talks with Katie “Monty” Dimond

Em Rusciano chats with Radio and TV presenter and founder of the Website “Show and Tell” Monty Dimond. The girls appeared to have forgotten the mics were on and well.. The swear words flowed as did the highly inappropriate chat! This one is fast and loose, you have been warned…

Em Rusciano podcast joel creasy

Em Rusciano talks to comedian Joel Creasey

This is a short preview of Em Rusciano’s chat with comedian Joel Creasey. Joel feels his sexuality was predetermined by the way he came “shooting out” of his Mother’s birth canal. Enjoy you sexy jerks!

Em Rusicano Rob Mills

Em Rusciano talks to Rob Mills

Episode 3 of Deeply Shallow has Em chatting with Australian Idol alumni Rob “Millsy” Mills. They cover off his sexuality, Paris Hilton’s vagina and the importance of reflecting on the good things in life. Prepare to hear a different side of a dude you probably thought was “that wanker from Big Brother” we think you’ll walk away thinking: Hey, that …

Em Rusciano

The note that put things into perspective

ON SATURDAY night before I went on stage to do my stand-up show in Perth, a note was delivered to me scrawled on a napkin in blue sharpie. It said the following: “Hi Em, We have a friend who was supposed to be here tonight who couldn’t make it. Her name is Nat and almost exactly 12 months ago she …

Waleed Aly gold Logie

Why Waleed Aly SHOULD win the Gold Logie

FOR some completely INEXPLICABLE reason, a column was released into the wild yesterday entitled “6 reasons Waleed Aly shouldn’t win the Gold Logie”. You see, Waleed Aly has been nominated for Aussie TV’s top honour. The post was on a website I won’t name, and yes I believe they are linked to the one you are currently reading my words …

Em Rusciano 640x380

What is wrong with men these days?

TO THE people raising the future men of the world: I’ve been forced to contact you, because the level of online douchery and quite frankly predatory behaviour aimed at young women, has this week hit an all time dickhead high score. By now, I’m sure you’ve read about the man who took a creep shot of a woman doing her fruit …