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Em decided she wanted to chat to the people closest to her for series 1, less pressure, friendly vibes, little to no research! It was the best for you lot and her. Trust us. They also all happen to be at the top of their chosen fields which is a convenient bonus!

We hope you love these podcasts because Em sure loved making them. Listen out for her snazzy theme song and her delicious daughter Odette announcing the whole shebang. And if you’re thinking: "I wish there was just one handy spot for me to go to listen to all of the podcasts" you’re in luck! Em has an APP now! We know, how Kardashian of her.

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Em Rusicano Rob Mills

Em Rusciano talks to Rob Mills

Episode 3 of Deeply Shallow has Em chatting with Australian Idol alumni Rob “Millsy” Mills. They cover off his sexuality, Paris Hilton’s vagina and the importance of reflecting on the good things in life. Prepare…

Jamila-Rizvi 640x480

Em Rusciano talks with Jamila Rizvi

In this episode Em Rusciano chats with Jamila Rizvi, who at the time of recording, was the Editor in Chief of the Mamamia Women’s Network. She has since stepped down from that position. This chat…