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The all-singing, all-dancing, all-emoting, leopard-print clad warrior Em Rusciano did it. Em wrote a book! But the lawyers made her take a bunch of stuff out.

So she’s bringing the soundtrack to her youth and the stuff she took out; to you, live on stage in December! As always Em will be accompanied by her trusty side-kick Vincie (aka Dad). Expect laughter, singing, tears, snot, honest tales from her incredible life and learn the real names of the people she had to change to protect the guilty! This is Em Rusciano, Try Hard, at her stripped-back, intimate and honest best.


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  1. Hi Em,
    We REALLY enjoyed your act at the CatJump Preschool Comedy Gala as I know all the parents attending did as well. It was an honour to have you come to our humble fundraiser, even though we know you normally perform at much more glamorous events. Talk about multi-talented. All that looks, writing and athletic skills too. -you are amazing!!!! Thanks to your Dad too (I am sure he must be very proud of you)!
    For my husband’s Fathers Day present I was hoping to get tickets to the Butterfly Club Show, but we would not be able to make it to any of the performances at that venue because he is on call.
    I was wondering if you had any other gigs coming up that I am able to buy tickets for before Fathers’ Day.
    Whether you do or not, can you please keep me on your mailing list and also keep CatJump Preschool in the loop.
    We go to the Melbourne Comedy Festival every year and I know my husband will be looking out for any show you have there so we will see you there next year or beforehand.
    Kindest Regards,

  2. Hi Em, heard a little birdie say that you might be doing a show in Perth, WA? I hope so, would love to see you. You are such a laugh. I separated around the same time as you 13/2/13 and its been very challenging bringing up two small daughters full time. My ex partner does not see them much unlike yours. When you write articles on Mammamia I can so relate to some of the stuff you say, its great you are honest and say it how it is, good on you, keep up the great work. Thanks for making me laugh.

    1. Post
      1. Em I saw you show tonight Friday 16th May 2014 at the Mt Lawley Bowling Club with my mum. We loved it! You have done so well and holding up really well in regards to your second break up with Scott, I didn’t realised you got back together a second time and then broke up again. My mum said it looks like its been very hard on you the break up.
        Your show was brilliant, we are so glad we went, your dad is brilliant, I wish there were more caring men like him. Your dad is right that you have got to keep going, get out there, My divorce went through last week, I had very mixed emotions but closure had to happen as it was not a good marriage, it was right at the time for me, but went all pear shaped in the end. I am so glad we went to your show it really uplifted me and made me laugh so much, I really needed this. Thank you

  3. Hi Em,

    My name is Susan Emerson, Co Director of Auslan Stage Left – we specialise in theatre and stage performances.

    We have had several queries from deaf community members wanting to access your show during the Melbourne Comedy Festival. They have made contact with MICF however not much luck! They really want to access your show however need access to an auslan interpreter and this is where we can help however we need approval from your end. Normally there is a fee but we have an interpreter who saw your show last night and would be very happy to interpret for free!

    Would you be so kind to get back to me and see if you can make your show accessible to deaf people. We can promote widely on fb and email to help with promotion.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Hi just looked at your upcoming gigs an realised I missed ur musical just wondering when ur performing in Perth again as missed it. 🙁 thanks

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